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в Доминиканской церкви, Кольмар

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20 сентября 2015 г.
Кольмар. Эльзас, Франция.

Изенгеймский алтарь Маттиаса Грюневальда и другие экспонаты Северного Возрождения в Доминиканской церкви.

"The Isenheim altarpiece
Due to renovation work in the former convent, and until Autumn 2015, the Isenheim Altarpiece is on view in the Dominican, located about 200 metres from the Musée Unterlinden. This temporary transfer offers an exceptional and unprecedented opportunity to present, alongside Grünewald and Haguenau’s monumental masterwork, all three painted works by the Colmar native Martin Schongauer held in Colmar: the Orlier Altarpiece (1470–1475), the Altarpiece of the Dominicans (c. 1480) and the Virgin at the Rose Bush (1473). The altarpiece depicting Saint Catherine and Saint Lawrence (c. 1510) and sculptures from the Late Middle Ages round out the presentation. (http://www.musee-unterlinden.com/isenheim-altarpiece.html)"

Also: Lucas Cranach S., Otto Dix, Alfred Manessier.

Прямой линк на альбом: https://picasaweb.google.com/marinashu77/2015_09_20_Colmar_Dominican


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