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Пабло Пикассо и магия (часть 1 из 2)

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Париж, 15 января 2020 г., выставка «Волшебные картины» в Национальном музее Пикассо.

Picasso Museum Paris (Musée National Picasso-Paris) 15.01.2020

Part 1 of 2

С интернет-страницы музея:

«Exhibition “Picasso. Magic paintings” («Picasso. Tableaux magiques»)
01 October 2019-23 February 2020

Curators: Marilyn McCully, Michael Raeburn and Emilie Bouvard

Many of the paintings that Picasso did over a period of some four years (summer 1926-spring 1930) form a cohesive group, which Christian Zervos would later (1938) as “Tableaux magiques”. With these works principally figure paintings – Picasso opened a new chapter in his oeuvre, probing a deep emotional dimension, which anticipates the power of Guernica a decade later.

This was accompanied by formal developments that are as radical as anything he had done before, including experimentation with materials and the realization of monumental sculptural ideas in paint.
The works in the show will set not only in terms of the artist’s own development but, importantly, in the context of contemporary Surrealism and psychology (Jung vs Freud) and especially the interest among writers such as Leiris and Zervos on the magical powers of art.»

...Прямая ссылка на фотоальбом 2020_01_15_Paris_Picasso_Museum_1 – нажать...

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